Yogafest Retreat Somers | June and November

What is ‘seva’?

Seva is a sanskrit word which can translate to “selfless service”. Seva is common in ashrams in India as a way to give back to the community in attendance. It’s a lovely way to connect with the community, to share the spirit that we’re all here together to enjoy and from a practical note it [...]

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Do I have to do everything on the program?

No. It’s your retreat weekend and as we are set in the beautiful landscape of native bush and the sea at Somers, this is a perfect time to rest, restore, enjoying the peace and quiet. The program is full and is offered by the large team of teachers so that there is something for everybody.

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I’m new to yoga – will I be ok with the classes?

Yes! Teachers are highly experienced and ensure students are given appropriate options. The program also offers beginner-specific classes at each yoga session and there are restorative and relaxation classes which are open to all.  There is a large group of teaching staff at Yogafest and anyone will be happy to talk if you would like [...]

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What level are the yoga and meditation classes?

Yoga classes range from beginner to experienced and will be highlighted for ease of participation. Teachers are experienced in presenting classes for different capabilities and ensure students are well cared for. Meditation sessions in mornings and evenings are held together in one group and provide a supportive environment for all participants. Yoga classes are themed [...]

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